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 B-1    The First of the Burnses
                Not Oor Rabbie
                Time-Honored vs. Comprehensive
                Opequon Creek
                William Sr. and Jo(h)anna
                The First Generation
                A Note on Consanguinity

 B-2    The Early Hedgeses
                The Migrating Paterfamilias
                1738: On to the Opequon
                Solomon and Rebecca
                Joshua and Elizabeth
                Jonas and Agnes
                Ruth and Abraham
                Some Robinsons and Tabbs

 B-3    The Second of the Burnses
William Jr. and Magdalena
                Lany's Family
                The Evanses
The Second
Opequon Creek in 1810
A Parting Glance

 B-4    William III and Creative Jane
                The Third of the Burnses
                The Marshalls
                The Baneses
                The Stretchers
                Medway and New Carlisle
                The Third Generation

 B-5    The Ohio Hedgeses
                Almost Impassable
                Children of Second Cousins
                Alexander and Ellen
The Aunties
                The Earsoms and Saxbes (Saxbys)

 B-6    Jacob, Margaret, and the Dixons
                Dry Goods
                The Fourth Generation
                The Dixons of Cumberland County
                The Dixons of South Main Street
                Will Dixon: Indirect Lighting
                Stones from the Brook

 B-7    "Her Smile Incensed Him"
                Elliott and Minnie
                The Time of His Troubles
                Emma Combs: Fate of a Candy Wrapper
                The Ponderous Thud of the Huge Prison Gates
                Elusive Elliott


 P-1    Andrew Snyder, Aged 112 Years
                How Swiss Became Dutch
                Passage from Switzerland
                About Intercourse (PA)
                "The Secret of the Old Mill"
                Continental Soldier
                The Mill and Magdalena
                Barbara and the Children
                His Daughter Catharine
                His Son John
                (Very) Old Age

 P-2    Mary Ann and the W(e)ikels
                Bound Out
                Going by Wikel
                Westward to Amanda
                Louisa and the Sinkeys
                William and Eleanor
                On to Atlanta (IL): John and Priscilla
                Bumps on the Head: M.C. and the Burrowses
                Cornelia and the Hinmans
                Sterling Qualities

 P-3    Samuel and Leah
                Where Did They Marry?
                Comrade Wikel
                Henry and Rachel
                Mary Elizabeth and the McChesneys
                Josephine, Irene, and the Long-Lost Yeazells
                S.A. and Emily
                Class Poet: Howard Henry
                Multiple Middletowns

 P-4    Leah's Upps
                George and Lydia
                George Jr.
                Abraham (Abram)
                John Peter

 P-5    Upp from Ob
                Ultimately Opp?
                A Few Notes About York County, PA
                Johann Peter and Maria Catherine
                A Few Notes About Southwestern Germany
                The House of Heintz/Hoens
                Just Plain Peter and Maria Catharina
                (Johann or Philip?) Jacob and (Anna or Maria?) Catharina
                The House of Knor(t)zer
                Georg Christoph & Company
                Balthasar's Last Testament


 S-1    Susannah's Family
Smith Starts with See
                From Delaware to Ohio
                The Laffertys
                The Barrs
                The Blairs and Matthewses
                The Browns
                The Tassos
                Mary's Testimonial
                A Leaf That Shall Not Fade: Susannah and Her Sampler

 S-1A    Josiah's Family
                    Smith vs. Smith: Josiah over Peter (and Jerome)
                    The Benevolent Father of All
Jersey Boys
                    Sarah and the Severs
                    Garret the Gatekeeper
Jesse Jr.
Branch Hill
Farewell to Goshen

 S-1B    Susannah and Josiah's Children
                    Their Three (?) Sons
And One Niece: Mary and the Coates
Jerome and the Texas Smiths
Doctor Lucian
Rings Down the Ages

 S-2    Alonzo and Ellen
                "Alonso and Ella"
                    ● Paintersville
                    ● Their Six Children
                    ● Mingo, Urbana, and Oak Dale
                    ● One of God's Quiet Noblemen
                    ● The Joy of His Life

 S-3    Five of Their Children
Hal the Dentist
                M.L. the Doctor
                Sam and Clarence
                M.L.'s Letters

 S-4    Herbert Gustavus and His Wives
Gus and Debbie
                Mila Kathryn (not "Hilda Maria")
                The Gilded Age
                D. F. Callison: Travelling Agent
                The Grass Widow and the Attorney at Law
                A Record in Memoriam
                Earl and Hettie
                Ora and Mame
                Cora and the Kirchwehms
                "Alleged Crookedness"
                Kansas City MO and Grandfatherhood Back in Ohio

 S-5    The First Aunt Mellie

 S-6    To Be Frank

 S-7    The Waterhouses
House by the Water
                Joshua of Yorkshire
                Elizabeth's Inghams
                Joshua and Elizabeth's Children
                Hezekiah and Sophia
                Unfortunate James and Mysterious Mary
                Hezekiah "Junior" and Mayview, Missouri
                Hezekiah and Lucinda's Children
                Who Was Harvey Coons?
                James W., Fannie Sue, and KCMO  

 S-8    The Houxes

 S-9    Back to Boone: The Bullards and Majors       


 L-1    The Wuechners
A Few More Notes About Southwestern Germany
                A Few Notes About Hamilton, OH
Michael: Hubs and Spokes
                Elizabeth/Catherine: Miller, Not Koeppendoerfer
                The Schwabs: "Beer That Made Milwaukee Jealous"
                The Bosches: From City Hall to Hotels
                The Wichners/Weuchners/Miechners
                Three Obscurities
                Aunt Marie Martin
                Aunt Maggie Latterner: Complication of Affections
                Aunt Sophie Stepp
                Aunt Annie Koeppendoerfer: Tante Anna
                "A Unique Conversation"

 L-2    The Schneiders
The First of the Schneiders: Adam and Wife (or Wives)
                Sergeant Moritz
                Christina Ka--
                From Fairfield to Vine Street
                Sweet Annaline?
                Christine's Will and Barbara's $5 Bequest
John: Sudden Death in Indianapolis
                Aunt Rose Hecker
                Aunt Helen Brennan
                Leonard and the Last of the ...Snyders

 L-3    The Ludekes
"Little Famous Wolves" of Hanover
                Louis and Sophia
                From Bremen on the Bark Alfred?
                The Whittikinds/Whitlikinds/Wittekinds
                The Ludikers/Leiderchers (and Lizzie)
                Private "Lutiger": Drum and Fife
                August and Louise: Ich Liebe Dich
                Carrie: To What Is Our World Drifting?
Aunt Irma
                Lida Belle and the Charleses
                Aunt Frieda
                Uncle Bob: The Cheerful Performer
                Uncle Ed (and Louis)
                Willie and His Albums
                Louise and the Eisels
                Rachel and the Petersons 

 L-4    Ada Ick
                Vague Snippets
                A Dreadful Experience
Every Precaution
Grandma's House
                Grandma's Workweek
                The Great Flood
                The Stepmother
                "My Parents"

 L-5    Ick Grows Up and Goes to Miami (of Ohio)
Merry Little School Chums
                Role Models
                An Event of World Importance
                Flapper Days
                ● "How Can Job Turn Jester?"
                Why Social Work
                Miami Years
The Happiest Graduate
The Right Decision?

 L-6    Social Worker, Wife & Mother
Unravel the Knots of Daily Life
                Cupid's Darts
                Devoted to Her Family
                Motherhood Times Three
                Home on College

 L-7    Smitty's Memoirs
Call Me Smitty
                Leaves, Twigs, and Branches from Our Family Tree
                Snippets, Bits and Pieces

 L-8    Smitty's Letters



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