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"SFA" stands for the Smith Family Archives, assembled and transcribed over many years by Leanna Lois Claudia Smith, daughter of Alonzo; her great-nieces Mellie Morris Smith (daughter of Herbert Gustavus) and Gertrude Fairchild Smith (daughter of Maurice Leigh); and great-great-niece Mildred Aileen Nash (neé Mellie Agnes Smith: daughter of Francis See).

4    Leah's Upps

George and Lydia

Leah Upp Wikel's father, George Upp (aka George Ob), was born August 12, 1791 in York PA.  On October 9, 1815 at York's First Reformed Church, he married Lydia Schramm—called Lydia Shrum by ~ohpauldi/jesseupp and ~upp/messages—who was born in York on July 8, 1796, the daughter of John and Elizabeth SchrammThe Dictionary of American Family Names acknowledges "Shrum" as an Americanized variant of Schramm: "a metronymic nickname for a person with a scar (schramme)."

The most extensive list of George and Lydia Upp's children is provided by ~upp/pdf, but even it appears to not be fully complete.  All the children, according to ~upp/pdf, were born in Pennsylvania.

  1.  Leah Upp:  born April 4, 1816; of whom more in Chapter P-3
  2.  George Upp [Jr.]:  born August 22, 1817 (but see below)
  3.  Samuel Upp:  born June 27, 1818  [also mentioned by ~quick/upp
as brother of Leah and Abram]
  4.  Jesse Upp:  born January 3, 1820  [not in ~upp/pdf; found in ~ohpauldi/jesseupp]
  5.  Daniel Upp:  born February 16, 1822
  6.  Henry Upp:  born November 27, 1823
  7.  Abraham Upp aka Abram Upp:  born April 15, 1826/27  [also mentioned by ~quick/upp as brother of Leah and Samuel]
  8.  Catherine Upp:  born January 15, 1829
  9.  Israel Upp:  born March 18, 1830; no other info (died young?)
10.  Susannah Upp:  born October 18, 1831
11.  Melinda Lydia Upp:  born March 13, 1833; no other info (died young?)
12.  John Peter Upp:  born April 3, 1833[?] or 1834
13.  Emmeline Upp:  born December 10, 1835; no other info (died young?)
14.  Amos Upp:  born January 3, 1837; no other info (died young?)

The question of when the Upps left York County, PA for Butler County, Ohio was touched on in Chapter P-3.  Tracing them is not a simple matter, given how many Upps originated in York County: its 1850 census (~yorkindex/1850) lists "Afred," Ann, Arvilla, Barbara, four Catharines, two Charlottes, two Elizas, Florence, Francis, Franklin, four Georges (one with middle initial P.), one Henry, five Jacobs, two Johns, Joseph, Margaret, four Marys, Rebecca, and two Williams.  This should be borne in mind when we run into birthdate discrepancies for George Upp [Jr.], Samuel Upp and Catherine Upp Walker.

Returning to the trace:
* ~upp/pdf says youngest child Amos Upp was born in Pennsylvania in 1837;
* ~quick/upp says Leah married Samuel Wikel in 1838;
* Leah and Samuel were living in Middletown OH by 1840, when daughter Ellen was born;
* York County's 1840 census (~yorkindex/1840) lists two Georges, on pages 30 and 138, but neither's household includes a white male aged 40-to-50 (or 50-to-60 for that matter), which would indicate our George and family were gone by then;
* George Upp Jr. and Daniel Upp were living in Parke County, Indiana by 1842-43;
* Catherine, Jesse, and Abraham/Abram Upp were in Butler County, Ohio by (respectively) 1845, 1847, and 1853;
* Catherine and husband Henry Walker moved to Iowa after their 1845 wedding, and by 1850 were living in Linn County (where Cedar Rapids is located).

George [Sr.] and Lydia, together with Susannah and John Peter—perhaps the only children born after 1830 who survived—apparently joined the Walkers in Linn County IA in 1846.  "Here her father died," according to Susannah's obituary.  No Upps are found in Linn County's 1850 census (~linnindex/1850), so we might conclude that George had died by then.  But Lydia Upp appears in Rapid Township, in Linn County's 1856 census (~linnindex/1856); as does a Henry Walker.

Susannah relocated to Butler Township, Butler County, Iowa when she married George Lusted in 1857.  No Lusteds or Upps appear in Butler Township's 1856 census; but in 1860's (~iowa/butler1860) we find:

* Lusted, George, male aged 32, occupation painter, born in England
* Lusted, Susanna, female aged 28, born in Pennsylvania
* Lusted, Wm H, male aged 2, born in Iowa

* Upp, John P, male aged 26, occupation master carpenter, born in Pennsylvania
* Upp, Nancy J, female aged 18, born in Pennsylvania
* Upp, Lydia, female aged 65, born in Pennsylvania

So in an eerie parallel of Mary Ann Snyder Wikel's life, the widowed Lydia Schramm Upp was living in 1860 with/near two of her youngest children—and appearing in that year's census with a slightly inaccurate age.  Since Lydia's daughter Leah had married Mary Ann's son Samuel, the two ladies most probably knew (of) each other; perhaps they corresponded, trading commiseration and/or complaints, until Lydia died on November 16, 1868 in Clarksville, Butler County IA (as per ~upp/pdf).

Except where noted, all particulars below concerning Lydia's children and grandchildren are derived from ~uppfamily/index.

George Jr.

George Upp [Jr.] was born August 22, 1817—unless you go by Sandridge Cemetery, Wabash Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  Here his age at death on April 20, 1882 is recorded as "63y 9m 8d" (as per ~sandridge/1, /2, and /3).  This would make his birthdate July 12, 1818—raising the possibility that we're dealing with two different George Upps, and that the one buried at Sandridge (with no indication of his parentage) might not, in fact, have been the son of George and Lydia and brother of Leah.

Sandridge's George married Christina Featheroff (born in Ohio circa 1825, according to ~uppfamily/index; on February 12, 1825, according to sandridge/3).  George and Christina were wed April 4, 1843 in Parke County.  They do not appear in Parke County's censuses for either 1840 or 1850 (~indiana/parke1840 and ~indiana/parke1850), though brother Daniel Upp is included in the latter (as an "Uhh").  George and Christina had four children:

* Lydia C. Upp:  born c.1847; married Albert Harner on October 21, 1869 in Tippecanoe County IN
* Cordelia A. Upp:  born c.1852; married Milton Hawkins on February 27, 1890 in Tippecanoe County IN; had one child
* Mary N. Upp:  born c.1858
* Mennerva I. Upp:  born c.1859

Among the Upps buried at Sandridge Cemetery is George Markwood Upp, "son of G. and C."—but said to be "1 y 1m 15d" old when he died on December 15, 1886, which would've meant Christina was sixty when he was born—had she herself not already died on July 1, 1881.  George followed on April 20, 1882.  Both were buried at Sandridge, as were a daughter and a grandchild of Daniel Upp; but no Harners or Hawkinses.


Samuel Upp was born June 27, 1818.  By 1850 he appears to have "gone Shenandoah," settling in Rockingham County, Virginia.  He married Mary Jane (surname? born 1822 in Virginia) and they had three children:

* Sarah F. "Sally" Upp:  born June 12, 1850 in Virginia; died August 23, 1874 in Rockingham County VA
* John R. Upp aka John N. Upp:  born circa 1852 in Virginia
* Martha Bell Upp aka Mattie Bell Upp:  born March 24, 1855 in Rockingham County VA

An Upp appears on page 8 of Rockingham County's 1850 census; while on page 23 of its 1860 census (Town of Harrisonburg) we find:

* Upp, Saml, male aged 45, occupation tanner and currier, born in Pennsylvania; unable to read
* Upp, Mary Jane, female aged 42, born in Virginia
* Upp, Sarah F., female aged 10, born in Virginia
* Upp, John N., male aged 8, born in Virginia
* Upp, Mattie Bell, female aged 5, born in Virginia

(As per ~rockingham/1860 and /1850.)  There is no accounting for why Samuel and Mary Jane appear to be three or four years older than their birthyears would lead us to expect.  We've already encountered age discrepancies in 1860 censuses for Mary Jane Snyder Wikel and Lydia Schramm Upp; perhaps these are more of the same.  Or perhaps we're again dealing with an Upp who was not, in fact, the son of Lydia and George.


Jesse Upp is missing from ~upp/pdf, but fits neatly into its chronology of births.  He was discovered on page 229 of 1882's History of Northwest Ohio & History of Paulding County (~ohpauldi/jesseupp), which notes his parents were "George and Lydia (Shrum) Upp, both of whom died in Iowa."

Born January 3, 1820, Jesse married Susan Borger on August 12, 1847 in Butler County, Ohio; she was born November 8, 1828 in Bucks County PA, the daughter of Jacob Borger and Anna Mary Long.  On page 356 of Butler County OH's 1850 census, Jesse Upp (aged 30, a farmer) is living with "Susanna" (aged 21) and Sarah (aged six months) in Madison Township.  Jesse and Susan would have a total of eleven children:

* Anna Mary Upp:  born July 28, 1848; died three months later
* Sarah Upp
:  born April 27, 1850
* Samuel Upp
:  born July 12, 1852; died two years later
* Charles Upp
:  born August 10, 1854; died a month later
* Eliza J. Upp
:  born February 16, 1856
* Clarissa Upp
:  born March 21, 1858
* Maria A. Upp
:  born September 7, 1860
* Susannah S. Upp
:  born April 19, 1863
* Henrietta Upp
:  born November 2, 1865
* Emma Upp
:  born March 3, 1869
* Manda V. Upp
:  born March 12, 1874

In 1882, Jesse was farming 160 acres in or near Defiance, Ohio (southwest of Toledo) and had been a Trustee of Brown Township for four years.


Daniel Upp was born February 16, 1822 and christened on March 23rd at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Hanover PA.  He moved to Parke County IN, married five times and sired thirteen children.  The present author has taken the liberty of rearranging the order in which ~upp/pdf presents Daniel's five wives, so that the thirteen children can be born in chronological sequence:

[1]  Jane Rardin:  born circa 1823 in Ohio; married Daniel in Parke County IN on November 3, 1842 (confirmed by ~rardin); had seven children, 1844 to circa 1855
[2]  Margaret M. Davis:  married August 9, 1859; no issue?
[3]  Marie Hill:  born in North or South Carolina; married Daniel circa 1860?; had four children, 1861 to 1869?
[4]  Sarah Alice Crist:  born June 1, 1847 in Rockbridge County VA; married Daniel on October 9, 1869; had two children, 1870-73; died April 13, 1874; was buried in Arabia Cemetery, Parke County IN
[5]  Mary Ann Nowling:  married Daniel on January 11, 1881

On Page 226 of Parke County's 1850 census (~indiana/parke1850) we find the "Uhh" household:

* Uhh, Daniel, male aged 28, occupation carpenter, born in Pennsylvania
* Uhh, Jane, female aged 27, born in Ohio
* Uhh, Zachariah, male aged five, born in Indiana
* Uhh, Jeremiah, male aged two, born in Indiana
* Uhh, James J., male aged eleven months, born in Indiana

A complete roster of Daniel Upp's children (all Indiana-born) follows:

by Jane Rardin
Zachariah Upp:  born December 5, 1844 in Parke County; had adventurous service during the Civil War (detailed at ~upp/zachariah); married Artentia Surface on October 23, 1873 in Tippecanoe County; had one child, Estella Upp (1875-1881, was buried at Sandridge Cemetery); married Fannie L. Yoe on February 13, 1889 in Carroll County IN; worked as a farmer, weaver, and GAR official; died April 3, 1920 in Hillsdale City, Michigan
* Jeremiah M. Upp:  born October 14, 1847 in Putnam County IN; married Abbey Adaline Crist (aka Abbe A. Crist, Abbie Ann Crist, and Abigail Altana Crist) on October 23, 1869—two weeks after her sister Sarah Alice married Jeremiah's father; had five children.  Abbey/Abbe/Abbie/Abigail died September 19, 1919 in Danville IL; Jeremiah died January 24, 1928 in Monetezuma IN and was buried with his wife in Montezuma's Oakdale Cemetery.  (Snapshots of Jeremiah and Abbey in old age can be found at ~photosparkecounty)
* James T. Upp:  born November 17, 1849 in Delphia IN; married Alice Kern on November 2, 1890 in Elkhart IN; had two children; died June 20, 1930 in Elkhart
* Albie Ceasar Upp:  born circa 1853; no other info (died young?)
* Mary M. Upp:  born February 14, 1853; married Allen Smith; had four children; died in February 1935
* Lydia Upp
:  born circa 1854-57; died April 1, 1879; was buried at Sandridge Cemetery.  (~uppfamily/index estimates her birthyear as 1854; ~sandridge states she died in 1879 aged 22)
* George Z. Upp:  born circa 1855; married Mary A. Hayworth; had three children in Elkhart IN; "worked for his uncle Abram in his paper mill"; died circa 1918

by Marie Hill
* Florence Bell Upp:  born September 20, 1861; married Nelson Phillips on November 7, 1880; had five children; died July 29, 1929; was buried in Arabia Cemetery, Parke County IN
* William Roe Upp:  born February 11, 1863 in Parke County IN; married Anora Morgan on November 11, 1855 in Rockville IN; had one child, Isadora "Icie" Upp (1886-1973); Anora died March 24, 1887 and was buried in Arabia Cemetery (her stone calling her "wife of Rose," according to ~arabia).  After a fight over Isadora's custody, William Roe left Indiana and married Mary Etta Buckley on January 27, 1889 in Smithton or Arkadelphia, Arkansas; had six children, including Frederick L. Upp, Sr. (1901-1973).  William Roe died October 11, 1950 in Kansas City MO and was buried in Floral Hills Cemetery.  (A photo of William Roe can be seen at ~upp/williamroe)
* Emma L. Upp:  born circa 1865; married Wentworth Rosecran Browning; died circa 1943
* Daniel Curtis Upp:  born 1870[?—see below]; married Hattie (aka Carrie); had two children; participated in the Klondike Gold Rush; was trustee of the Oddfellows in Dawson City, Yukon, and held the title to Dawson's Oddfellows Hall from 1911 to 1917 (as per ~klondike/upp); died where and when?

by Sarah Alice Crist
* John Frank Upp:  born September 19, 1870; died (date unknown) in Independence MO
* Dollie Elminnie Upp:  born September 2, 1873 in Wabash Township, Tippecanoe County [typo for Parke County?]; married E.N. Hickman; had three children; died April 30, 1925 in St. Joseph, MO and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery

~uppfamily/index gives 1870 as Daniel Curtis's birthyear and Marie's estimated deathyear; but that clashes with Sarah Alice's marriage date and John Frank's birthdate.  ~upp/pdf and ~uppfamily/index also list Marie Hill as Daniel Upp's first wife, although her children were all born between Jane Rardin's and Sarah Alice Crist's.  The likeliest chronology would have first wife Jane dying c.1855-59; second wife Margaret M. Davis being a "brief interlude" in 1859; third wife Marie marrying circa 1860 (in time to have her first child Florence Bell on September 20, 1861) and then dying circa 1869 (perhaps when her last child Daniel Curtis was born); and fourth wife Sarah Alice marrying in October 1869, with her first child John Frank born on September 19, 1870.

A photo of Daniel Upp with fifth wife Mary and granddaughter Isadora "Icie" Upp can be seen at ~upp/daniel.  He died November 1, 1898 and was buried in Leatherwood—later called Arabia—Cemetery in Wabash Township, Parke County, Indiana.


Henry Upp was born November 27, 1823.  On page 457 of Butler County OH's 1850 census, Henry (aged 26, a farmer) was living in Lemon Township with Susannah Upp (aged 18) and Henry Black (a farm laborer, also 18).  By 1855 Susannah was gone—with or without laborer Henry Black—and Henry Upp had married Martha A. Lee (born c.1827 in Ohio).  They would have seven Ohio-born children:

* George E. Upp:  born May 1856
* Amos S. Upp:  born c.1861
* Mary J. Upp:  born c.1863
* John Taylor Upp:  born c.1866; died October 4, 1950 in Los Angeles; a photo of his gravestone at Rialto Park Cemetery in San Bernardino County can be seen at ~upp/johntaylor
* Martha E. Upp:  born c.1872
* Anna F. Upp:  born c.1861 [but listed as the sixth child]
* Jonah L. Upp:  born c.1868 [but listed as the seventh child]

Abraham (Abram)

Abraham Upp aka Abram Upp was born April 15, 1826/27.  (~upp/pdf says "Abraham," born 1827; ~quick/upp says "Abram," born 1826; a photo of Hanover's Emmanuel baptismal register at ~upp/york shows "Abraham" and "1826."  Though missing from Butler County OH's 1850 census, Abraham/Abram married Nancy Randolph there on November 19, 1853.  They had six Ohio-born children:

* Mary A. Upp:  born c.1853; married Harmon Dinehart; had seven children in Elkhart IN; died when?
* James Clayton Upp:  born July 7, 1858; married Laura [surname?]; had one child; died March 29, 1945 in Los Angeles
* Anna Randolph Upp:  born in February 1865; married Edgar Street Cooke (confirmed by ~cooke/upp); had two children; died when?
* Nellie Randolph Upp:  born September 20, 1869; married Charles Alfred Whittingham on November 1, 1893 in Elkhart IN; died June 10, 1955 in San Bernardino CA
* Kate S. Upp:  born c.1871
* Bertha C. Upp:  born c.1877

~elkhart reports that Abram Upp was Treasurer of the Elkhart Pulp Mills in 1881; which would explain George Z. Upp's working "for his uncle Abram in his paper mill."  Nancy Randolph Upp died of paresis on July 2, 1901.  Abraham/Abram Upp died of apoplexy on July 16, 1905 and was buried in Elkhart's Grace Lawn Cemetery.   


Catherine Upp was born January 15, 1829; she married Henry Walker on January 2, 1845 in Butler County, Ohio.  By 1850 they appear to have moved to Linn County, Iowa (as per ~linnindex/1850):

* Walker, Henry, male aged 26, occupation farmer, birthplace Ohio [~uppfamily/index says Henry was born in Pennsylvania]
* Walker, Catharine, female aged 26 [another age discrepancy], birthplace Pennsylvania
* Walker, Michael F., male aged 5, birthplace Iowa
* Walker, Lewis, male aged 3, birthplace Iowa
* Walker, Eli, male aged 24, occupation farmer, birthplace Ohio [presumably Henry's brother or cousin]

According to ~uppfamily/index, Catherine and Henry Walker had five children:

* Freeland Walker:  married Maudie Harr
* Louis Walker:  married first Laura Frampton, then Mamie Brownfield
* Eber Walker:  married Mary Bartley
* Lydia Jane Walker:  born February 18, 1854 in Clarksville IA; married Alverson Velman (born 1849) on January 1, 1871; had eight children in Buchanan County, MO; husband Alverson died April 27, 1888 (as per ~velman).  Lydia Jane married twice more, to Frank Tinkey (date in ~uppfamily/index repeats January 1, 1871) and to Jasper Rule, by whom she had a ninth child in 1894.  Lydia Jane died January 30, 1935 in Willis, Kansas and was buried in Claytonville Cemetery
* Mary Elizabeth Walker:  no info

Freeland Walker might be "Michael F. Walker" (aged 5 in the 1850 census); Louis Walker could certainly be "Lewis Walker" (aged 3 in the 1850 census).  If Lydia Jane was born in Clarksville, that implies the Walkers moved from Linn County northwest to Butler County; but a Henry Walker was living in Rapid Township, Linn County, when Iowa took its 1856 state census (~linnindex/1856).  Lydia Schramm Upp can be found in the same census, living in the same township, evidently without George.  We lose track of the Henry Walker family after this; Henry does not appear in the 1860 censuses for either Linn or Butler Counties (~linnindex/1860, ~iowa/butler1860).  Linn County's 1870 census (~linnindex/1870) does show a Henry Walker in Cedar Rapids, and a Lewis M. Walker in Clinton Township; but no particulars are offered to verify whether these might be Catherine Upp Walker's husband and son.


Susannah Upp was born October 18, 1831.  She married George Lusted (born November 17, 1827 in Heartsgreen, England) on May 19, 1857 in Clarksville, Butler County, Iowa.  They had four children:

* William Henry Lusted:  born April 27, 1858; married Mable Dorwin [sic] on February 10, 1886; had four children, including G.C. Lusted.  In 1896, a Rev. W.H. Lusted conducted or assisted with Brandon IA funeral services for Jennie Allerding (~allerding) and Nancy Roszelle Torrence (~torrence).  William Henry died August 23, 1923; a Rev. George Lusted—his son G.C.?—was reported (in ~effiehinman) as being the Methodist pastor of Nashua IA in 1934, and officiating at the funeral of Effie Hinman Hill
* Mary A. Lusted:  born c.1860
* Clara Elizabeth Lusted:  born September 2, 1861 in Clarksville; married Charles Henry Frady (born in Bertram, Linn County IA in 1847) on March 19, 1883 in Allison, Butler County IA; had seven children; husband Charles died in Long Beach CA on November 5, 1941; Clara died on January 27, 1945 (as per ~lusted/clara)
* Jennie F. Lusted
:  born June 1865; was a schoolteacher

George Lusted died in Clarksville on August 23, 1892; Susannah Upp Lusted died there on May 23, 1904.

John Peter

Both ~upp/pdf and ~oriole say John Peter Upp was born April 3, 1833—which would've been three weeks after his sister Melinda Lynn.  Since John Peter was aged 26 in Butler County IA's 1860 census, a birthdate of April 3, 1834 would seem correct; yet 1833 appears on his gravestone.  He married Nancy Jane Phillipi (born 1842 in Lexington PA) on January 18, 1860 in Iowa.  (~uppfamily/index says Nancy Jane was born October 27th; ~oriole says November 27th.)  By 1875 they had relocated to Smith County in north central Kansas.  John Peter and Nancy Jane had seven children:

* Andrew Winfield Upp:  born January 25, 1861 in Clarksville IA; married Maggie A. Stones (born May 27, 1868) on May 27, 1885; had eight children, all born in Lebanon, Smith County, Kansas; died in Lebanon on December 4/12, 1917 and was buried in Lebanon's Oriole Cemetery (as confirmed by ~oriole, which gives a deathdate of December 4th; ~uppfamily/index says December 12th).  Wife Maggie died May 29, 1931 and was buried at Oriole (according to ~oriole, which supplied her vitals)
* Frank F. Upp:  born May 28, 1863
* Jehu David Upp:  born July 8, 1867; married Eva Dell Rucker in 1897 in Kansas; had three children in Nebraska; was a master carpenter and inspector of bridges for the Rock Island Railroad; died April 24, 1957
* Nancy Jane Upp:  born February 24, 1869; married Harris Francis on April 10, 1890; had five children; died July 3, 1936
* John Peter Upp Jr.:  born January 15, 1871; married Nancy E. (surname? born 1875); had three children; died February 12, 1922 in Bakersfield CA but was buried in Oriole Cemetery (according to ~oriole, which calls him "J. Peter").  Wife Nancy died in 1961 and was buried at Oriole (according to ~oriole, which supplied her vitals)
* Aaron F. Upp:  born May 21, 1873; died August 26, 1879; was buried in Oriole Cemetery (confirmed by ~oriole)
* Rosa Bell Upp:  born May 22, 1875 in Pawnee, Smith County, Kansas; married Harmon Goldsmith in 1893; had one child; died November 12, 1946 in Kansas
* Hannah May "Cricket" Upp:  born June 21, 1877—apparently the youngest of George and Lydia Upp's grandchildren; married a Mr. Hartman (according to ~upp/johnpeter1); died October 7, 1956

A photo of John Peter Upp can be seen at ~upp/johnpeter2; one of John Peter, wife Nancy, and a daughter can be seen at ~upp/nancy.  Nancy Phillipi Upp died on August 23, 1882; John Peter followed her on October 17, 1911.  Both were buried in Oriole Cemetery in Lebanon, Smith County, Kansas.



James H. Crist (born c.1795 in Virginia) and Caroline Matilda Tolley (born c.1814 in Rockbridge County, VA) had four children:
     * Caroline Fanny Crist:  born c.1842 in Virginia
     * Jacob Henry Crist:  born 1845 in Rockbridge County VA; married Susan Jane Craig (1837-1925); died 1929 in Clinton IN; was buried at Oakdale Cemetery, Montezuma IN
* Sarah Alice Crist:  born June 1, 1847 in Rockbridge County VA; married Daniel Upp [his fourth wife] on October 9, 1869; died April 13, 1874
     * Abbey Adaline Crist aka Abbe A. Crist, Abbie Ann Crist, Abigail Altana Crist:  born c.1849 in Virginia; married Jeremiah Upp—her sister Sarah Alice's stepson—on October 23, 1869; died September 19, 1919 in Danville IL; was buried in Montezuma's Oakdale Cemetery with her husband (as per ~crist and ~upp/jeremiah)

●  Edd Upp (grandson of Daniel Upp's grandson Frederick L. Upp, Sr.) and his daughter Sherri Kudlinski are making an ambitious effort to encompass All Things Upp at, whose Surname Index is referenced here as ~uppfamily/index.
●  Besides the two George Upps who weren't our George, York County PA's 1840 census (~yorkindex/1840) lists a Daniel Upp, a Henry Upp, two Jacob Upps, and a John Upp.  A couple of them might have been our George's brothers; see Chapter P-5.
●  Parke County, Indiana is near the Illinois border, north of Terre Haute.  Famous for its covered bridges, Parke County has even more of these than can be found in Lancaster County PA.
●  Tippecanoe County is north-northeast of Parke County; its Wabash Township is the home of Purdue University.
●  Leatherwood Cemetery is identified by ~leatherwood as "Arabia" in Wabash Township, Parke County, IN.  ~arabia lists "UPP, Sarah H." [sic], wife of Daniel as buried there, aged "26y-10m-12d."
●  ~randolph supplied the parents of Abram/Abraham Upp's wife Nancy Randolph: Benjamin Fitz Randolph (1807-1860) and Eliza Ann Clayton (1808-1848).  Also her many siblings: Joseph Fitz Randolph, Thomas Fitz Randolph (who married Ann Hughes), Hannah Fitz Randolph (who married Daniel Shepherd), William H. Fitz Randolph (who married Caroline Brown and Ellen Moore), Benjamin Symmes Fitz Randolph (who married Alverda Pay), Lizzie Fitz Randolph (who married John B. McCormick), and Ann Fitz Randolph (who married George W. Raymond).  No dates are given for any of these children, nor indication why Nancy lacks the middle name "Fitz."  Their father Benjamin Fitz Randolph died in 1860 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio.
●  It's tempting to relate Effie Hinman Hill, late of Nashua IA in 1934, to Charles Stillman Hinman who married Cornelia Jane Wikel and was living in Iowa by 1892.


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