In this year, wrote and weblished Bolster, Not Molest Her's Chapter 26: "Ditchen"; Chapter 27: "Now You Don't"; and Chapter 28: "Born to Spittlecure"
  and began work on Chapter 29: "Trial-End" (from which Chapter 28 was split off)
  created Photoshoppy cover illustrations for Chapters 26-28, and a logo for the Rosa Dartles rock band
  began collecting facsimile issues of The Magnet's "Greyfriars" stories, 1908+
  acquired 1969 editions of the two 1959 volumes missing from my 1981 gift set of Encyclopedia Britannica
  and discovered Dethany Dendrobia in On the Fastrack

  In this year (on Walpurgisnacht no less) three retinal tears were discovered, one partially detached
  these were treated emergently at Retina Specialists Northwest, using laser/cryo/pneumo procedures
  after which the patient drove himself home, extraordinarily dilated, through a glowering bright sunset
  and underwent fear-of-blindness shiver-shakes during a record-high-temps midnight
  yet was pronounced "fully healed and detachment flattened," three weeks post-procedure
  and told that "living healthy," through diet and exercise, was the only way to boost retinal health
  so, besides carrots and spinach, added a wide range of eye-healthy vegetables, fruit, and other edibles to daily intake
  plus a plastic pulldrawer on the lowest refrigerator shelf, to serve as a second crisper
  and created a salmon-and-sardines brown rice casserole to alternate with albacore-and-lemon-herring
  paying less (after insurance) for these retinal procedures than for replacing the car's hoses and clamps
  to ward off dryness and improve focus, used eyedrops and freezable pillow sleepmasks for most of the summer
  took a second saw palmetto capsule for most of the year before reverting to one-a-day
  "distal drift" was dentally corrected (despite the patient's taking Marathon Man to read in the waiting room)
  replaced the eggshell foam mattress topper, moving the old one over to augment the futon
  added a second layer of yoga mats (which didn't prevent aggravating the lower back in its old susceptible spot)
  diminished workouts toward year's end, which sent weight to 193 lbs (a three-year-high) and led to problems in 2015
  yet reward came in a personal "Ha!!!" from Sara Ivanhoe, replying to a comment made on her Facebook post

  In this year, extracted and compiled a Chronology for 1994
  revised and updated the Books database for the first time since 1997, incorporating Kindle editions
  finally retrieved the lost Quicken records from 1988-2011, via an elaborate purchase/upgrade of new software
  and created Excel workbooks for these, plus a master Ledger by date, account, and category

  In this year, marked the 20th anniversary of moving to Creekwood Apartments
  while the Creekwood "B" building underwent several water cutoffs, as an outdoor leak was dealt with
  and the parking lot got resurfaced, necessitating parallel parking for the first time in decades
  indoors, the water heater got a new copper hookup, and the "throne" a new seat and inaugural plunger
  junked the conked-out shredder (retaining its receptacle) and a broken plastic mat from under the big armchair
  started unplugging the drafting table lamp, rather than keep wrestling with its unturnable switch
  moved floormats to cover the "slippery slope" between kitchen and entryway tiles
  began elastic-banding loose Rubbermaid lids, since same-size replacement lunchbowls were unavailable
  reactivated the oldest whitenoise machine, placing it in the bathroom to drown out a not-gone-soon-enough neighbor
  a loud crash on the ceiling turned out to be a gas explosion at a house across Kent-Des Moines Road
  and, from Laydenland's ex-landlady, received a Doctor Who Tardis towel suitable for use as a bedroom door tapestry

  In this year, found further Elliott Burns articles in the Cincinnati Enquirer archives
  which added new details to Fine Lineage's Chapter B-6: "Jacob, Margaret, and the Dixons" and Chapter B-7: "Her Smile Incensed Him"
  did not renew membership in the over-hardcore National Genealogy Society (or unresponsive WSHIMA)
  acquired read-only access to maternal bank accounts, creating an Excel Journal to track activity
  and received fraternal digitization of a 1974 taped interview with our father and Grandmother Ehrlich

  In this year, Internet connection problems weren't resolved by replacing the DSL modem till EarthLink diagnosed "trouble on the line" and "stabilized the current"
  dealt with a mess of returned-as-undeliverable surprise emails ("backscatter" from a "spoofed" address)
  began replacing with reliable as email on business accounts
  received a Microsoft Security Alert that looked like classic phishing, but proved to be legit (though foolishly formatted)
  added pin-code passwords to the BlackBerry and Samsung tablet
  upgraded the BlackBerry OS to deal with apps draining the battery
  lost the Samsung's entire music anthology when its external card went flooey and had to be replaced
  moved all laptop images from Pictures to Documents, to prevent Windows Media Player from maxing out the CPU trying to sync them
  switched from Amazon Cloud to Google Drive when Amazon wouldn't allow documents to be opened on tablets
  uninstalled iTunes after a constantly-prompted-to-make upgrade ruined its format
  discovered an array of Music Choice stations offered in Comcast's Basic Cable lineup
  had success collecting Amazon Instant Videos, and downloading many of these via Amazon Unbox
  along with a wide range of more bootleggish copies, via Freemake Video Converter
  and extracted the compact hard drive from the Dell laptop that stroked out in 2011

  In this year, the old Saturn began to squeal (briefly yet vividly) when starting up in cold wet weather
  Quality A&E (while installing a new set of hoses and clamps) found no problem with brakes or power steering
  began adding oil "for aging cars," and used a new aquamarine paint pen on spotty patches to the left of the trunk
  the Saturn was "prowled" for the first time, though with minimal theft; redoubled checking locks after parking
  received a $250 photo-enforcement citation for exceeding a school zone's speed limit at 3pm on a weekday
  lost the U-Pass, realizing this on a rainy day as the bus approached; after replacement, it was found near the Frye Art Museum
  construction work on I-5 bridge supports made the evening walk from bus stop to Park’n’Ride more “challenging”
  the Redondo UPS Store abruptly closed, so rented a new box at Federal Way's
  after a morning bus reroute, climbed up the James Street mountainside from 4th to Broadway for the first (and only) time
  and the Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade (held on the coldest weekday of the year) started late and finished later, snarling afternoon rush hour traffic downtown and on First Hill

  In this year, received a new Windows 7 desktop PC and a second monitor for it
  but struggled (post-retinal-crisis) to read text on unzoomable apps like Epic and ORCA
  Seattle Children's accounts ceased to downflow into the Master Patient Index
  just in time for Northwest Hospital's to start doing so: a vast inflow leading to a tsunami of new duplicates
  and redirection of all dupe reports from MPI to the SOS Desk, for creation/assignment of trackable tickets
  while an Epic upgrade ended “BabyWizard” generation of U6 numbers for newborns
  began submitting weekly MPI stats to Pat Steel management, along with a running list of Outstanding Tickets
  using Linkedin's “Others You May Know,” added 80 new connections in July to a previous total of 57
  plans began for a Pat Steel remodel to accommodate the last HIM staff "evicted" from UWMC, plus a downsize to “regulation” cubicles
  received a purple fleece jacket (with a blank card) to mark 25th anniversary as a UWMC employee
  and a small raise bumped wages up to $40K per annum for the first time


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