In this year, wrote and weblished Chapter 25: "Whistle Against the Din" of Bolster, Not Molest Her
  and began work on Chapter 26: "Ditchen" (from which Chapter 25 was split off)
  revised BNMH Chapters 18 through 24 (the first seven of Vicki in Vanderlund: BNMH Book Two)
  decided Book Two should conclude with the end of junior high, reserving senior high for a new Book Three: Thrown for a Look
  created a full-volume eBook for Wish Again (BNMH Book One)
  adapted the existing eBooks of The Ups and Downs of Skeeter Kitefly, Skeeter Kitefly's Sugardaddy Confessor, and 13 Black Cats Under a Ladder to match Wish Again's format
  overhauled the decade-old Skeeter Kitefly Books webpages, consolidating them to one each
  exchanged email correspondence with Claudia Mills
  and got a fine figurine of Death (Neal Gaiman version)

  In this year, seeking physical and emotional stress relief, discovered Sara Ivanhoe
  beginning with her Basic Yoga for Dummies and Candlelight Yoga, built up a regular schedule of nightly practices
  pre-yoga, dealt with "prostorrhoids": adding extra cushions to chair seats, and breaking old "straining" habits
  added more fruit and vegetables to daily intake, along with curries; dined at East India Grill for the first time
  resurrected the old minikettle (purchased for first apartment in 1978) to brew no-sugar-added cocoa
  got new glasses (in lightweight frames) with lens prisms to correct occasional vertical double vision
  returned from KCMO with a sore toe (due to mother's Australian wine?); bought an electric footbath to soothe it
  paid two experimental visits (neither rewarding) to a local Unitarian church
  a big new squashed-spider floater appeared in the right eye, followed by cobwebby ones
  when vision wasn't impaired, didn't revisit the Family Eye Clinic to have eyes checked out (until 2014...)

  In this year, a low-flow toilet and carbon monoxide detector were installed; the kitchen sink sprang a fresh leak
  replaced bathtub caulk for the first time since 2008; relegated the old bedroom floor lamp to the deck
  pipe problems in the apartment downstairs caused an overnight water cutoff (and improvised plumbing)
  while a next-door neighbor tried to raise a puppy (which spent hours yipping and thudding)
  began dusting with refillable Swiffer 
  the Des Moines QFC on Marine View Drive closed
  replaced the ragged old Route 66 denim jacket with a new multitaskworthy hooded Cathartt
  and marked 25 years living in Outer Seattle

  In this year, hit the jackpot with contemporary Cincinnati Enquirer articles on Elliott Burns and Emma Combs 
  leading to Fine Lineage's new Chapter B-7: "Her Smile Incensed Him" being split off from Chapter B-6: "Jacob, Margaret, and the Dixons"
  visiting the Sainted Aunt Mellie Nash in Blue Springs MO, collected a large batch of photocaps from her collections
  wrote and weblished Fine Lineage's new Chapter S-7: The Waterhouses
  joined the Missouri and Ohio Historical Societies, the Historic Kansas City Foundation, and (for one year only) the National Genealogical Society
  and marked the 90th anniversary of the Ehrlich family's arrival in America

  In this year, got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and a BlackBerry Q10
  made first purchases of Kindle eBooks, collecting many (and basically swearing off hardcopy editions)
  reactivated the Facebook account
  emptied the old Maxtor external hard drive (too small for full backup purposes)
  replaced 2GB flash drives with 8GB (one of which froze up); then began using the Amazon Cloud Drive
  downloaded Microsoft ExpressionWeb as alternative to old FrontPage
  studied HTML5, converting most Bolster, Not Molest Her chapters to stripped-down-code format
  signed up for access to
  discovered Phineas and Ferb; began collecting episodes on DVD and Amazon Instant Video
  got reacquainted with Doctor Who during its 50th anniversary (largely due to Clara Oswald's presence)
  The Mountain (103.7 FM) shut down after 22 years (many listeners saying it effectively did so two years ago)
  and EarthLink DSL began having signal and connection problems, late in the year...

  In this year, renewed driver's license (in person—online renewal only being offered once per decade)
  the Des Moines Post Office got "prowled," with boxes jimmied open
  during one afternoon commute, Kent-Des Moines Road was flooded by a deluge; got soaked from knees down and new Nikes were engulfed
  booked a cheap-rate trip to KCMO (costing only 40% of last year's rate) on Alaska Airlines
  and while visiting KCMO, rented a Mazda with a balky lifthatch; made a wrong turn on Ward Parkway and drive into (fortunately very thin) oncoming traffic; then encountered a flash thunderstorm while returning the car to Enterprise

  In this year, emptied the C250 office and left Sand Point after 13 years and 22 days
  following gloomy prospects for UW Medicine's Health Information Management in a budget-shortfall era
  turning to dread of the future (was job security a thing of the past?) and a bout of shiver-shakes one night
  updated résumé, first time since 2010; investigated employment listings, job agencies and IOD Incorporated
  enhanced a rudimentary Linkedin profile and signed up with less-than-responsive WSHIMA
  before leaving Sand Point, improvised a stand-up work station (to spare "prostorrhoids");
  ceased providing "U-Link" EMR access to outside providers; attended final UPICC meeting;
  had to deal with the discovery of three years of unassigned Service Desk tickets;
  plus the wipeout of a decade's saved emails on, thanks to a server crash
  moved to the Room 3039 of the Pat Steel Building and got set up in Cubicle 55
  just in time for the state legislature to passed a last-minute budget (with a 2% raise, despite everything)
  and for Northwest Hospital to begin making use of the Epic system on a vast, not always accurate scale
  leading to recordbreaking weekly/monthly totals of duplicate patient accounts and their cancel-merges...


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