In this year, completed and weblished Vicki in Vanderlund (Book Two of Bolster, Not Molest Her)
  after finishing Chapter 29: "Trial-End" and writing Chapter 30: "Gonna Fly Now"
  obtained official frameworthy Copyrights for both Wish Again (Book One) and Book Two
  composed three Morbid Folksongs and conceived several Multiple Phantasms
  began a contents-and-authors log of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazines from 1970-1975
  began to reread all personal-library books (some dating from the early '70s) concerning the House of Tudor
  learned several new Photoshop tools and tricks, allowing for more ambitious artsy efforts
  added past contents of the Art Portfolio to the new 1988-95 Chronologies
  began creatively-captioning selections from GoComics and posting them to Facebook
  and collected a talking robot Bender and other Futurama figurines, plus a lifesize cutout of Clara from Doctor Who

  In this year, extracted and compiled Chronologies for 1988 through 1995
  retrieved the Lost Emails of 2001-11 from the stroked-out Dell laptop's hard drive
  created a Letters database for 1988-2015, with log-posting done of its 2000-2007 contents
  saved the Facebook Timeline and Activity Log for 2010-15, both in full
  integrated hardcopy Literary Submissions from 1989-93 and 2001-03 into the Letters files
  added early bank-account checks from 1974-78 and credit charges from 1986-92 to the Ledger database
  restored P.S. in a Nutshell's unsaved 1967-1972 entries, adding School Notes for 1962-1966
  and began a Grand Concordance of all electronic documents and images

  In this year, revised Fine Lineage Chapter L-3 ("The Ludekes") in full
  after an attempt to revise L-1 ("The Wuechners") got hung up on summarizing Hamilton OH in the 1870s
  got connected Facebookwise with "Mellie's Girls," four cousins (in three generations) on the maternal bloodline
  brother and coauthor's Heroes and Scoundrels: The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture was published
  obtained a new passport book (first since 1971) and passport card, to ensure being able to travel by air in future
  and added Ledgers to the maternal Checking/Investment Journals, giving fraternal access via Google Cloud

  In this year, retired the 2007 LaCie External Hard Drive (for being too full, due to being too small)
  while the 2011 LaCie took its place as prime storage device, with a compact new 2015 LaCie bought for backup
  opened up much-needed memory space on both the Acer laptop and Samsung tablet
  replaced the nothing-but-noisy-trouble Universal Power Source with a silent surge suppressor strip
  took battery-saving steps on the BlackBerry, and ordered a new battery for the Acer
  played midwife to the BlackBerry during its grueling mandatory OS upgrade
  shifted most account emails from Earthlink (increasingly unreceptive) to Gmail
  diagnosed why the vacuum cleaner conked out, successfully reviving it with a deep-dish declog
  and took the first steps toward selecting a new laptop, anticipating the Acer's eventual mortality

  In this year, racked up the lower back (necessitating an urgent call to the Community Care Line)
  followed by a long bout of soreness and frailty on the right upper arm and shoulder
  all healed using icepacks, roll-on liniment, fabric elbow braces, and spiky "tension relief balls"
  plus a second memory foam mattress topper, and two tuck 'n' clutch pillows for the arms at night
  began making a serious effort to get no less than six hours of sleep (10:30pm to 4:30am) on worknights
  and finishing the nightly glass of Carlo Rossi Burgundy early enough before bedtime to avoid acid reflex
  new floaters and lightning-flashes in the left eye turned out (thankfully) to not be another retinal tear
  even so, eased up on yoga inversions, while experimenting with yoga blocks and less strenuous routines
  while doing Denise Austin's lowkey Stretch and Flex and Target Toner video workouts for the first time since the '90s
  eliminated high fructose corn syrupy food items, e.g. replacing Snackwells with figbars
  started using new condiments, collard greens, cartoned chicken broth, and Low Sodium V-8
  during annual checkup at the UW Kent-Des Moines Clinic, was seen by actual PCP for the first time in four years
  quit shaving the nape, allowing side and back hair to grow in hopes of achieving a rattail to match the beard
  moved the old whitenoise machine to an upper level in the front room, for drowning-out-neighbor purposes
  while buying a lightweight new machine for whitenoise needs in the bathroom and while traveling
  and took cautionary heed of a KCMO contemporary's crippling brain aneurysm to be more mellow 'n' laidback

  In this year, marked the 20th anniversary of purchasing (though not paying off) the aquamarine Saturn SL1
  flew first class, via Alaska Airlines, to Kansas City MO for the first (and doubtless only) time
  drove to Blue Springs MO and back in a brand-new Chevy Cruze on its maiden rental run

  In this year, did several weeks of (mandatory) overtime for the first time in a decade, and the most since 2004
  went into temporary quarters during a summer renovation that was actually completed before schedule
  then moved into new "regulation-sized" Cubicle 54, replacing the hotpot with a microwavable plastic mug
  in the process, had to dispose of storage boxes saved since 2000 and hardcopy relicts dating back to 1990
  lost Old REG/ADT and "gained" Resonance, while became a legacy address
  and tossed the broken Samsonite work satchel along with its predecessor, resuming use of the old Lucas satchel


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