In this year, wrote and weblished the first seven chapters of Vicki in Vanderlund: Book Two of Bolster, Not Molest Her
  Chapter 18: "Split Level"; Chapter 19: "The Bridge of Green"; Chapter 20: "Latter-Day Women"; Chapter 21: "Locker Combination"; Chapter 22: "Groundbreaker"; Chapter 23: "Cossack Holiday"; and the "megillah novella" Chapter 24: "A Beetle at VW"
  began work on Chapter 25: "Ditchen," focusing on girl punk bands and Fiona Weller's POV; resurrected the Cloudland Atmosphere (conceived in 1979) for Fiona's backstory
  created a webpage for BNMH Book Two, including its variation on the cover picture
  began collecting various Manga subgenres, and re-collecting Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazines from 1970-1975
  and marked the tenth anniversary of launching the Skeeter Kitefly Website

  In this year, added Chapter S-5: "The First Aunt Mellie" (originally a segment of S-4) to Fine Lineage
  gained access to Addie Ludeke's death certificate (five days short of its centennial) for Chapter L-4: "Ada Ick"; also to her and parents's markers at, for Chapter L-2: "The Schneiders"
  differentiated between the Millers and Koeppendoerfers, for Chapter L-1: "The Wuechners"
  added material from the Texas Smiths to Chapter S-2: "Alonzo and Ellen," and addenda from Josephine Wikel's great-granddaughter to Chapter P-3: "Samuel and Leah"
  also revised Chapter S1-B: "Susannah and Josiah's Children"; Chapter B-5: "The Ohio Hedgeses"; and Chapter B-6: "Jacob, Margaret, and the Dixons," including Burns and Dixon trees
  and extracted data from the newly-available 1940 census for multiple Fine Lineage chapters
  using old KCMO city directories at, traced grandfather F. S. Smith's addresses from 1913 to 1930
  for brother's 50th birthday, sent him a scanned 1926 issue of Artists & Models featuring nude Rubie Stevens (i.e. young Barbara Stanwyck)
  urged maternal investment in her house and grounds, for shortterm comfort and longterm property value
  and she commenced some major renovations, after her lawnmower was stolen from the unlocked garage
  shortly before we marked the 50th anniversary at 5505 Holmes

  In this year, got a Verizon JetPack for wireless Internet access, after problems with DSL (and inability to make a dial-up connection on an external modem)
  checked out new laptops, but was repelled by Windows 8; postponed buying a laptop till getting a new smartphone in 2013
  did get a noisy UPS (Universal Power Source) and digital cable TV converters
  installed TrueCrypt and Google Chrome on the laptop
  had to provide various proofs of identity in order to re-verify the PayPal account
  after the old megaboombox's CD player finally conked out, managed to switched it to radio
  and deactivated the little-used Facebook account for a year

  In this year, drew up a new will (first since 1998) and power of attorney, this time through a lawyer's office
  re-signed up with the UW Willed Body Program
  assembled chapter wordcounts for all completed litworks, from Derelict Days and To Be Honest to the present day
  began accessing large collections of school yearbooks at and
  and began consolidation and cataloging of image files on LaCie external hard drives

  In this year, began running the bedside whitenoise CD all night, to mask tinnitus (and general evening racket)
  added an eggshell foam pad to the latex mattress; orthotic pads inside boots; and a narrower knee pillow (the wider one causing back-torture dreams)
  replaced the Conair back massage cushion (twice) and secured it to the big armchair with bungee cords
  concocted own earache medication; began using Vicks VapoInhaler and (for while) Blistex and Neutrogena
  got clip-on and goggle-style sunglasses to be worn with/over regular glasses; also clear green visors
  first 90-day refills on prescription meds
  and, during annual checkup at the greatly expanded Kent-Des Moines Clinic, was informed a "chaperone" had to be present during a prostate exam by a lady MD

  In this year, saw the first rent rise at Creekwood in four years
  got a new set of "innards" for toilet, ending its constant refill; also a new fire alarm was installed, and there was much damage to trees during an ice storm
  added a strainer to the kitchen sink and an old towel to the bedroom window sill for insulation augmentation
  withstood further racket from the (disturbed?) upstairs neighbor, including midnight singing at his lungs-top
  after losing a neckwarmer and pair of wool gloves, replacing both with several new sets; also got a black beret for evening wear
  received a lagniappe dreamcatcher from a Lakota school
  and switched to the Des Moines Key Bank (including safe deposit box) after the Midway branch closed

  In this year, received a $128 photo-enforcement citation for turning right on a a red light where no-turning-right-on-red was permitted
  added rags to floor between the seat and driver's door
  booked a SeaTac-to-KCMO flight on Frontier, shortly before they cancelled that nonstop run
  so rebooked the same flight (at twice the price) on Alaska Airlines, who were inaugurating their own direct run
  and picked up five pounds "living high" during KCMO, including a visit to Blue Springs via rented Nissan

  In this year, obtained Remote Access to the work PC just before a snowfall and ice storm made this necessary
  took off work for a couple days of jury duty (annoying lumbars with lengthy sitting in uncomfortable chairs)
  began using Kronos for online timeclock purposes
  to get to work on time in the a.m., began taking one bus from Kent-Des Moines to downtown; a second bus from the downtown tunnel to the UW campus; and then a third from UW to Sand Point
  which ended up bumping the work shift back ten minutes, to 7:05-to-3:35
  got new zippered "lunchboxes" with slim icemats for keeping their contents cool
  the University and Harborview U-Link programs were combined, with monthly alternation of request processing
  ROI supervisor left for a job with UW Compliance; University and Harborview ROI to be consolidated next year under Harborview management
  did first time studies in 11 years, for a (foredoomed) chance at reclassification from classified Health Information Technician to professional Analyst
  and endured several kerfluffle-heavy teleconferences, blowing cool at one (or more) 


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