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"It smells in here," said Desirée.
             "That's art for you," said Skeeter Kitefly...

          —opening lines of Skeeter Kitefly's Sugardaddy Confessor


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April 25, 2016:  THE GEORGE & MILA SHOW: The Travel Journals — 1971 England  is uploaded

a disturbingly hilarious novel
about a compactified young woman


a disturbingly hilarious sequel
with further compactifications


three generations of unexpectedly
dramatic family saga

"If Seeing is Believing ...
then why am I not breathing?"


Being & Nothingness with Vicki Volester

Book One — Wish Again
Book Two — Vicki in Vanderlund

an elongated column of family trees covering
an extensive string of webpages


College and the Lively Arts:  1949-1954
The Fulbright Year Abroad:  1954-1955


NEW WHAT'S  as of May 22, 2016

OLD LITTER  from the Distant Past!



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"When I split an infinitive, God damn it, I split it so it will stay split."

                                                    —Raymond Chandler

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