The Kohn (Kun) family's home in Cluj: May 2009

Photo Copyright © 2009 by Matthew C. Ehrlich

Excerpt from Matild's 1922 wedding certificate confirmation

Matthew Ehrlich: "I closely examined the wedding certificate on the TBH website.  Grandma's address (which took me a while to decipher) appears as Str. Samuil Micu 7.  Turns out Micu was a Romanian theologist (see  It would seem logical that the Romanians renamed the street after they took over—hence the name 'Rózsa' when Grandma's mother died in 1917 and 'Samuil Micu' as of 1922 when the wedding certificate was prepared.  Frustratingly, there is no #7 on the street now, but this seems to be the most likely candidate given that it's right next door to #5 and directly across from #6.  (It's a corner house, and the house that's next down the street has an entrance on the cross street rather than on S. Micu St.)  Unfortunately, the house today is near the 'student ghetto' in Cluj and is heavily marked with graffiti.  But it looks as though it could have accommodated a big, well-to-do family.  It also looks as though it was a fine residence once upon a time, with a floral motif above the windows (possibly in keeping with the original name of the street)."

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