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Meet Skeeter Kitefly—


       At not-quite-six she was a natural-born ARSONIST: headstrong, highstrung, bursting with energy, a buttoncute hyperball of fire.  From childhood in the Sixties through teendom in the Seventies, she grows up (somewhat) to be a 4'11" 101-pound partybabe: able and eager to set any night ablaze, jampacked with little artful antics—


       Until she gets smitten by a man with blank unfurnished bedroom eyes, who sends her into a full-tilt tailspin.  Left bereft and bewildered (but still buttoncute) on the verge of 1984, Skeeter finds herself searching for the Meaning of Life . . . and not just the Monty Python film.


       So she takes a deflated teacher/cartoonist and pumps him up as her own personal sugardaddy/confessor, baring all her secrets in hopes of enlightenment.  But he turns out to have a few surprises of his own—and Skeeter Kitefly ends up getting a deal more than she bargained for.






Read selections from the Skeeter Kitefly books published online in:


       Wilmington Blues

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       The Sidewalk's End

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       Cherry Bleeds


       Ten Thousand Monkeys


       The Shadowshow




Printmag excerpts have

appeared in:





       The Duckabush Journal

       The Lithic Review

       Lynx Eye  [forthcoming]


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