Little Squeaky's Christmastime Escape from Prison


  Although the night is oversilent

  and the world is none too joyous

  deep in these drizzleridden West Virginia woods

  the wayfaring stranger lets nothing her dismay

  (however far she may have gone astray)


  Back on the road taken twenty years before

  when first she went in search of another father

  (expatriated by the original for lately staying Out)

  and up popped a changeling, twinkling of grin:

  a selfstyled gardener of flower children


  Who told her the way Out was not through any door

  —just don't want Out (or so he said) and she would be—

  but declaring he declined to make up her mind

  he made as if to depart, a thrownaway Son of Man:

  and she (making believe) ran windlike to catch up


  Hence: Lynette Alice in acidulous wonderland

  willing to Die For or Kill For, do Whatever Necessary For:

  be it pulling pistols on accidental presidents

  or X-ing herself Out of the workaday world

  (every daddy should enjoy such daughterly devotion)


  Off now to catch further up with her own adopted poppa

  living on in his darkness but answering still

  her back-and-forth letters before she even writes them:

  love is infinitely strong and infinitely mad

  and their family circle shall not be broken


  Just like that (or so she said) you have to be ready

  to take whatever comes to you in the Right Here'n'Now:

  no time to look back nor time to say how

  Charlie is/was/and ever shall be

  her darlin' Cosmic Cavalier.



  Copyright © 1989, 2005  by P. S. Ehrlich

  Topmost photograph:  UPI/Courbis-Bettman



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