"Very cute!!!  Very very cute!!!  Thank you!!" —Totally Traci

Totally Traci (previously Racy Traci of Seattle public access television fame) provided our Celebrity Endorsement
back when www.skeeterkitefly.com was launched in 2002:

             "Your Skeeter website is sooo cute!!  Very funny!!  I like RoBynne too!!!"

Since then she has relocated to Southern California and there carries on as Actress, Model, ex-Circus-Clown,
Creator of Free Online Funny Videos at www.totallytraci.com, and Bikini Entrepreneur at www.bikiniflirt.com.

Below are the Skeeter Kitefly Webmaster's semi-poetic tributes to Miss Milky Mukilteo ("Ha, totally tanless!! 
That should be my new name!") by way of memorializing those Lazy Hazy Crazy (Racy) Days on Channel 77:






Original (very very cute) images
Copyright © by Traci Livingston

Erasable Haikus
Copyright © 2003-07 by P. S. Ehrlich

Race for the mainstream
Southern California's
Totally Traci!!

She runs on the beach
foam coming up to her hips—
don't get her hair wet!!

Milk-colored skintone
revealing moonshiny lines:
Brazilian Tan!!

Candy-coated clown's
public accessorizing
squibs of video!!

outfits enhance whatever
you put inside them!!

in a hot pink minidress
hauling artifacts!!

Beauty on the beach
sanding down her thighs in those
*HOT* little white shorts!!

Stoop to discover
garish-colored pantybands:
sound the Thong Alarm!!


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