Skeeter with Castanets On

     See her as she was originally envisioned
     Conceived on a vast if not Amazonian scale
     With commensurate appetites and capacities
                    all abuzz

     See her the child of scrunchdown by Jolly Dame Nature
     Abridged and condensed into the compacter vision
     For which the world could get high on an Eskimo Pie
                   for awhile

     Skeeter a second Semiramis at five feet "two"
     Featuring a full range of Joplinesque expressions
     Brassy puckish switched-on grins and bacchanalian

     Cigarette a-dangle as she chaindrank margaritas
     Snorting so loud in one legendary midswallow
     That an errant limeslice came up nearly through her nose

     Clacking the nights away in her everloving blue
     Eyed flash-in-the-pants hurry to outseguidilla
     Carmen intensely enhancing her own brevity
                   all the while

     Insistent to the last that she'd dance rings around us
     At ninety-four and even if you got deepseated
     In an Ionescan sense why you could be happy
                   as a loon

     But those she left stagnantly debriefed however hard
     Bitten must now concentrate on closing the window
     Realizing that things last forever only in



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