The Smith Home in Brown County, Texas

"The Smith house is where Jerome and Margaret settled.  The couple is Josiah Juan with wife Fannie and children Neatie Ola and Harvey Lucian.  We are not sure but think the man on the left is Eugene Sue Smith" (as per Ruth Smith, wife of Josiah Juan's grandson Thomas Jerome Smith).  "We have the property acquired by Jerome and Margaret in 1875.  Alonzo Claude and spouse Rachael lived across the road from where we live now.  Dan and Ann Zillah Granad's place is about a mile from us and still owned by great-grandchildren."





Josiah Juan as an adult                                         Josiah Juan and Fannie Gammon Smith and their children

                                                                  Fannie; son Josiah Jerome; Josiah Juan; son Harvey Lucian; daughter Ina May; daughter Neatie Ola

                                                                                               all images provided by Ruth Smith

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