1847 map of Opequon Creek in Berkeley County VA

courtesy of http://www.xmission.com/~whitnahd/Berkeley1847.html

                            1893 U.S. Geological Survey Map of the Opequon Area

Surveyed in 1884, this is the 1893 edition as reprinted in 1916 (with a note adding "This map is out of date; revision is planned").  Comparison to the hand-drawn 1847 map allows us to pinpoint William Burns [Sr.]'s estate (inherited by "J. Burns Jr.") in the bend of the Opequon to the right of the first "E" in BERKELEY, about three miles northeast of Kearneysville.  The estate of Isaac Van Meter Burns ("I. V. Burns," son of William [Jr.]) would be in the bigger bend to the south, on the Berkeley/Jefferson county border due east of Kearneysville; with E.C. Southwood's place and the Mt. Zion Baptist Church just to its north.  Martinsburg, Shepherdstown, Charles Town, Harpers Ferry, and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad(s) are all featured; Antietam Creek can be seen in the upper right corner, east of the Potomac; and the wealth of lines in the lower right corner is a glimpse of the Blue Ridge.

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